Today’s companies are expected to rapidly adapt to ever changing preferences and constraints caused by regulation, changing customer expectations or evolving business landscape. It is often some form of technology that produces a major paradigm shift in how businesses are expected to function – think of the internet or the rise of globally connected mobile computers. There are also other shifts in our society that demand business transformation. The traditional, often siloed business models, no longer function in the hyper-connected, and customer centric world.

1804 Consulting Inc. is specialized in helping companies strategize, plan and implement necessary changes to retain their competitive edge.

Based on decades of experience in digital transformation, 1804 Consulting Inc. developed a unique approach. By using story-based techniques and mapping tools, 1804 Inc. is able to quickly develop a holistic transformation approach focused on your business priorities. Our mantra is simple:

You are the industry expert

We are the expert in business process (re)engineering and technology alignment.