1804 Consulting Inc. was founded in 2014, with the mission to change how technology advisory consulting is provided and drive business outcomes that matter and empower organizations.

After decades of experience, in Europe and North America we recognized the typical approach to helping improve customer orientation, operational efficiencies and implementation of a digital strategy were too technology centric. It is common for Consulting firms to have a disconnect between their claims and outcomes, typically performing major system overhauls without delivering on their promise. It was this insight together with latest developments around technology service orientation and integration that led to the development of the 1804 Methodology, a different approach and the start of 1804 Consulting Inc.

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Trust and Transparency: We build customer relationships on trust, transparency and value. Our success is directly tied to the success of our customers. It is important our customers trust us to act in their best interest as we often work as their representatives with System Integrator(s) to implement the change initiatives.
Honest and Ethical: We are strongly driven by our ethics and honesty. As a result, we are passionate to provide advice we believe is best for our customers.
People Focused: We believe that when you are good to your people, your people are good to you. We actively practice this principle both internally and externally by operating as a family.
Environment: Just like many other people we are very concerned about the environment. As such we constantly try to find ways to improve the reduction of our negative environmental impact inpart by utilizing other companies that do their part.