At 1804 Consulting we believe the best method for success is the people.

Using an iterative approach of working collectively with business leadership and staff to map organizations, allows companies to rapidly realize a holistic foundation for a streamlined operating model and innovative culture. Our method empowers your people to be focused on key outcomes and customers.

Our unique methodology determines the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of the operation. Collectively with leadership and staff we build a widely supported transformation roadmap creating the basis for a cultural shift where employees become an integral part of the success of the company, leaving behind the traditional departmental siloed organization.



Our 6 step approach allows for adaption of the transformation to changing realities. While still producing outcomes aligned with industry best practices, we create story telling artifcats that work for your people and allow us to complete all transformation visioning, architecture and planning work very rapidly, typically between 3-4 months, and we can prove that!