Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Our Enterprise Architecture services are based on Industry Best Practices, specifically the Open Group Architecture Framework. With Enterprise Architecture we mean a holistic view of the enterprise in terms of:

          • Organization model– operating companies, locations, product and services, governance (portfolio management and decision making)
          • People model– Departments and Practices, Customers, Partners
          • Business Process Model– Capabilities and related business processes (BPNM Standard)
          • Information and Data– Logical Data Models (ERD), Enterprise Data Management, Data Classification and related operations/access models
          • Technology– Technology Solutions and Integration

Business Consulting

Our Business Consultants are specialized in defining requirements for technology solutions.

We take a holistic approach, meaning we analyze and if required (re)engineer business processes, document required data dependencies (ensuring alignment to Enterprise Data Management best practices) and subsequently define the function(s) of the IT system in terms of user stories and/or use cases and to increase understanding also use other graphical representations (like wireframes).

Approaches and outcome of our service depend on where the initiative is within its development life-cycle:


Before a project even starts, we can analyze needs and requirements in context with your business goals, exposure to risk, and potential opportunities. Our Business Consultants work closely together with Business Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Enterprise/ Solution Architects.

During Project Analysis and Design:

1804 Consulting can provide Business Process Design and System Analysis services during system and/or feature analysis and design activities.Our services span from providing guidance, support or doing the actual work. Our methods are highly depedent on the type of engagement (custom development or implementation of commercial solutions). Our approach support agile methodology (backlog oriented functional and non-functional definitions).

Business Value Measurement (BVM):

It is a good practice to measure success of a project in terms of business outcomes. This however requires proper preparation, as Business Value Metrics together with the method to measure must be determined. Subsequently baseline metrics must be determined against which the measurements taken after system implementation can be compared. Our Business Consultants can provide the guidance to implement this BVM framework.

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