Imperial Parking

Our customer from 2016-2019. Together with IMPARK CIO, 1804 Consulting architected, guided and supported a multi-year transformation of the Business and Technology eco-system (CRM, ERP, and custom development).

Later 1804 Consulting assisted the CIO in analyzing impacts and opportunities related to a large acquisition during the evaluation, due diligence, and post-acquisition/integration phase. The strategic roadmap was adjusted to include capabilities of the newly acquired company and included the acquired company in strategic solution roll-out plans.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rob for the past five-plus years in his role as Enterprise Architect and Strategy Development Lead for many projects and strategic initiatives within Impark. Rob is a natural leader. His highly detailed and strategic thinking style are real strengths. Rob is a problem solver at heart, with a passion for delivering complex technical projects where system performance and tailored solutions are critical to client expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Rob to any organization where innovation, leadership, integrity and strong implementation skills are required. Rob is a true asset – the person that always comes through when needed.” Milan Zivkovic – ex-CIO Imperial Parking